After complaining vociferously of being banned from the No Tesco Superstore page on Facebook (for endless, vicious and unfounded insults), the admin (John Hamilton) of the opposing Yes To Tesco’s page has decided to ban myself.

Rather than come up with any kind of actual argument (other than continued insults) to defend Robert John Wheeler’s despicable wishes that Arlington House had been destroyed by fire, John Hamilton has decided to engage in censorship of the crassest kind.

You can almost taste the irony.

The original, pre-ban conversation is displayed below*:


* wonkiness of screenshot pastes is not entirely due to consumption of Grey Goose…


Fire at Arlington

It has been reported today that at approximately 02:00 a fire started at Arlington House on the 11th floor.

Thanet Gazette Story on Arlington Fire

I hope that everyone is alright and that any affected residents are able to return to their homes soon.

I also hope that people will join me in condemning the words of Robert John Wheeler on Facebook:


If this is the limit of his empathy and sympathy with people potentially faced with serious injury or death, then I can easily see why he has not received an hospitable welcome from some on the No Tesco… page (aside from his misrepresentations about various ‘facts’).

Robert, merely because you have a disagreement with *some* people on the No Tesco… page, *some* of whom *may* live in Arlington House, there is no excuse for such abhorrent words. You are effectively implying that you wish people had had their homes destroyed and without any wishes that those people would escape unharmed.

Shame on you, Robert John Wheeler. Shame on you.

Sycophantic Hypocrite Numero Uno – Peter Checksfield

Peter Checksfield. He has stated he is in favour of the new Tesco superstore proposed at Arlington, Margate. He also has said several times on both the No and Yes Facebook pages relating to that development that people should be civil and that insults are not a good way to debate differing viewpoints. I certainly agree with the latter – making unfounded, insulting and potentially libellous accusations against people only results in making the writer of such comments appear weak and lacking in intellectual substance.

Which is why I find it highly curious that Peter’s protestations against rudeness and bad language only extend to those openly stating opposition to the proposed Tesco superstore development; he quite rightly mentioned and criticised a comment by someone on the No page which likened Eric Pickles to a Dr Who monster and implied he was ugly, merely because of his weight, but then he Likes and responds to (without any caveats or reservations) comments made by the Yes page’s admins and John Hamilton, which variously describe people as “senile”, “delusional”, “village idiots”, “gobby northerners” (a term Peter himself uses), “dumb bitch”, “clueless dullard”, “clueless busybodies”, “worthless” and let’s not forget, the highly disparaging term “nimbys”.

It is this last characterisation that Peter seems to have embraced wholeheartedly. Peter states his belief on John Hamilton’s blog that Toby Pengelly implied that Peter “was being paid by Tesco”:

in spite of the fact that not only did Toby Pengelly immediately write a second post on Facebook, qualifying that his prior comment did not implicate Peter at all, but that Peter saw and Liked that comment:

As you can see by the timestamps on both John Hamilton’s blog and Facebook, Peter Checksfield was most definitely aware of Toby Pengelly’s qualification of his remark, yet still chose to comment that it was implied that Peter was somehow a corporate shill and to decry that implicit statement, along with making his own implication that as a non-resident of Thanet Toby Pengelly cannot possibly have any valid input on the matter at all. Disingenuous behaviour at best.

Also, quite how a non-resident can be a “nimby” as well, I’m not quite sure – ‘Not In My Back-Yard’ by its very definition relates to locality, so if someone is belittled for not having that apocryphal back-yard, I don’t see how the derogation applies.

Finally, Peter compounds all of these above ‘errors in judgement’ on the Yes Facebook page, when after complaining that it was implied that he was a Tesco shill (despite him having seen and acknowledged a response that that wasn’t the point of the prior comment), he then feels it acceptable to state that anyone who questions the Tesco superstore proposal at Arlington in any way does not wish Margate to succeed:

So anyone who has quite legitimate questions about any of this development – whether it concerns traffic, the size of the store, the legitimacy of the actions by Freshwater and the council, or indeed anything else – as far as Peter would have it are people who do not want Margate to succeed. The implication made by Peter there is that individuals should not dare to question or even apply any thought to any kind of proposals – from business (big or small), from private individuals, from the council, from central government – or to investigate whether activities are being carried out in the best interests of the residents. If you have any concerns – they are not legitimate and you do not wish success for Margate.

Peter Checksfield – sycophant to John Hamilton, who says he agrees that people should be free to not be insulted and that such puerile behaviour is not acceptable:

Unless, of course, the victims happen to support the No page – in which case they’re completely fair game and he won’t even bat an eyelid as vicious, unfounded accusations are bandied about.

Glad you’re a man of principle, Peter.

John Hamilton, Not Being Honest Again


Take, for example, this photo John has thoughtfully provided via his Yes to Tesco facebook page, showing an empty top level of the Arlington car park, dated as 23rd August 2009 by Google. You will perhaps note that that date was a Sunday – now take a look at the shadows cast by all the buildings and you will see that the time of day is certainly not after 11 in the morning. I forget, what time do most shops open on a Sunday? Ah yes – 11am. That would seem to be borne out by all the other car parks in the area also being effectively empty, such as the train station and hotel car parks as seen to the left of John’s picture. The major benefit, however, of the Arlington car park is that it is not single level. Who in their right mind would park on the top level, leaving their car in the sun on a gloriously sunny day to get nice and warm, only to then have to walk down past the welcome shade provided below?

Answer: no-one. But John would have you believe that no-one would pass up the opportunity to have their car slowly baked in summer sunshine, followed by a longer than necessary walk – because obviously no-one in their right mind would want to park in the shade.


Perhaps John has x-ray sight which allows him to see through the past, on his computer, through a layer of concrete? Or maybe he has a ridiculous bias and will lie and distort things to suit his particular brand of thinking? Yes, on balance I think it’s the latter. How else can you explain the other near-empty car parks as displayed on Google, taken on the same day – remember, a Sunday morning before almost any shops will have been open.


Link to John Hamilton’s Hate-Fuelled Hypocrisy

So, self-proclaimed noise maker for the ‘majority’ of Thanet, John Hamilton claims he has a blog allowing free comment. As with so much of his hate-filled, delusional rantings, this is a work of pure fiction. Having commented on his blog, I can confirm that there is most definitely a moderation process in effect – any comments take ages to appear on his blog rather than appearing immediately and my last three attempts to comment have not appeared at all

Seems John is being economical with the truth yet again. If only the same could be said of his bile, which seems to spring forth from an inexhaustible supply. Now, I realise that my two comments to date (the first post was posted three times due to John’s moderation process, which he laughably said was an attempt at me spamming his site…) have not exactly been clean language (or decent spelling, for that matter) but the reason for this was I wanted to see if John would pull me up on it.

And lo and behold he did! “Post again using such childish language, and your post will be redacted.” As can be seen, he says in that comment, on the post which proclaims his belief that he has the only open blog in Thanet, that he will censor any more posts using such language. This from the man who uses terms such as “cock”, “fucktard”, “village idiot”, “dumb bitch” and “senile” to refer to anyone who doesn’t believe his own particular brand of lunacy.

The hypocrisy is absolutely astounding. But then again, this is the man who demands proof from anyone offering a contrary opinion but refuses to provide any himself. He *says* a lot of things, but he never actually provides any proof. And John, repetition does not equal evidence!

For example, he keeps asking for proof on various things, such as how many people are against the proposed Tesco superstore at Arlington, Margate compared to those who support it. As many people have pointed out to him, both on his blog and his Yes to Tesco facebook page supporting the plans, the Yes to Tesco group has less than a quarter of the Likes as the No page and the poll he himself setup asking whether people were in favour or against the proposal was so overwhelmingly against the proposal that he deleted it and ignores any and all references to it. So there’s a fair bit of evidence right there, just from the page that John himself administrates (NB. he consistently claims he is only an admin and a “friend” set it up – but seeing as he’s so dishonest about everything else he writes, I wouldn’t lend too much credence to that).

So for a man who proclaims freedom of speech and demands evidence, John seems quite keen on censorship, fostering ignorance and pointedly refusing to acknowledge when any definitive proof has been offered to him, despite him not actually reciprocating in kind.

Sadly, John Hamilton seems like the kind of delusional fantasist who literally is unable to even accept that other people can have alternative viewpoints to himself – surrounded as he is by a few die-hard sycophants, who Like every outrageous slander he writes on facebook or agree with every insult via his blog, he seems to have become cocooned within a little bubble of hate.