Where Do You Live Again?

Is that legal?

Oh dear. Seems the person behind “John Hamilton” is either one of two things:

A. A gun-obsessed nutjob, who plans to buy weapons and try to import them back into the UK, God knows for what kind of purpose (considering the lies, fabrications and thuggish and reprehensible attitudes of this person, I doubt it will be for an innocent reason)


B. Someone who doesn’t actually live in the UK, used the wrong sockpuppet account when making a comment and spends all their time trolling blogs and Facebook pages for places that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

Put your best guess (or alternative scenarios) in the Comments section please!


63 thoughts on “Where Do You Live Again?

  1. Like Thanet Watch and its producers are seriously scary. Please, criticise Hamilton if you so wish, but try to be realistic.

  2. So william what do you think on hammy asking for a membership of a gun range. And remember this is hamilton’s facebook profile not an imposter.

    • If, as is suggested, he lives in Arizona, he is quite entitled to join a gun club and use a range. What is to think about it. I once owned a pistol and regularly did competition shoots on ranges. Does not make me a villain.

      I think you are all rather getting carried away with all this gun nonsense. It would be very difficult to import a gun into UK from USA and, in fact, it is a lot easier to access illegal ones here than risk trying to smuggle one in.

      • It isn’t about guns nor about him smuggling one into the UK, its about him passing himself off as an interested party in the area. As people have suggested what on earth is Thanet business to do with a gun toting redneck living in Arizona.

      • William, as you say, if ‘John Hamilton’ is a resident of Arizona, then he is perfectly legally entitled to own a gun and use it according to that state’s laws.

        I am firmly of the belief that he is now a resident of Arizona and that he is definitely not using his real name when posting as ‘John Hamilton’, yet he continues to make comments under that name and proclaim that this is his only ad his real identity. He also continues to make comments that he is still living in Thanet.

        If he is living in Arizona, then all of what ‘John Hamilton’ says must be considered suspect as he is posting under a false identity while repeatedly claiming it is a genuine one and he is making claims of UK residence which are patently not true.

  3. William, Barry asked me what I thought about JH seeking to join a gun range and I responded. You are on a different issue being whether he lives in Arizona. Bit racist, however, to imply residents of that state are rednecks.

    • why didn’t you answer Geoff’s and my point about him being deceptive. Redneck isn’t a racist comment.

      • William I have only just read Geoff’s comment which evidently crossed with mine. It is still an ‘if’ situation. IF he lives in Arizona he is posting deceptively on Thanet issues I would agree, but that has still to be firmly established.

        As for the racism matter, a name directed at someone is racist if that person perceives it as such This puts any name applied to people by race or nation potentially racist if offence is given.

      • William then it is up to hamilton to respond should he wish.
        But then he is too scared to post on here for some reason which proves a point

      • William, I stated “I am firmly of the belief” that ‘John Hamilton’ lives in Arizona now. I was merely referring to your previous “if”. I have quite a substantial amount of evidence to support my belief, some of it circumstantial, some of it more concrete and some of it absolutely rock solid.

        As for why an Arizona person would take such an interest in Thanet issues, this person was indeed a resident of Thanet but recently emigrated. I would suggest that they are just purely thuggish and have become used to trying to kick people down, afforded false bravado by what they perceive to be Internet anonymity.

  4. Sorry, William but what exactly does it prove? How can anyone be scared of posting on one blog site when they do regularly on others. It really makes no sense whatsoever, indeed, it is all rather childish.

      • If such is what he does, William, but can we be sure. Is William Watkins your real name and is William Epps mine? There is no absolute prove short of getting Google to roll back the source of any comment.

      • As this is a wordpress blog I doubt that Google would resolve anything. William if you want to be an apologist for Hamilton then carry on. I believe it has been said that the only sure proof is standing behind him and watching him press enter. I for one don’t have the airfare.
        Why do you not let him respond should he wish

  5. William, how could I possibly stop him responding if he so wished. Furthermore, I am not an apologist for him, but I do question some of the pie in the sky rubbish that is pushed about as though it were fact in respect of him. You did not answer the point about are we the Williams we say we are?

    • difficult to answer your question as I have never met you!!
      You are disingenuous William if Hamilton wants to deny or confirm then he should. And because you do not research the internet it is also difficult for you to know either way but then you do not want to know else you would have looked

  6. William, again you make assumptions. How do you know what research I do on the internet. This is just the stuff of geeks pretending that somehow through their internet research they are able to identify a blogger. During the 2010 election I tried, along with some real internet wizards, to identify a person blogging against a candidate we supported. We managed to locate him from comments he made to an area, but we never found out who he was. It is not that easy unless you are the police with just cause to trace a person.

      • You said I did not do internet research, but, since you evidently have to have the final word in your small minded way, I hereby promise not to respond to your next comment. If you want to believe that you can some how magically trace someone through their blogging, be my guest. Just don’t expect me do swallow such fairy stories.

  7. William Epps having watched you discussing the search for hammy I am a little surprised you would resort to calling William Watkins small minded as all he seems to be pointing out to you is the fact that a number of people including me have used all the resources available to us including, but not limited to, google search, Facebook, blogging, online newspapers to identify a disagreeable charlatan with the hope he would realise he was rumbled and leave Thanet alone. If you are unable to believe what you are told that is your thing to deal with.
    Can you explain why the John Hamilton profile asks about membership of a gun range in Arizona because so far no one else can

  8. Barry, only the police can ask someone like google to carry out a trace. As for your research, it does not seem to have had the desired effect of frightening JH off so maybe you have not got the right guy.

    Similarly for someone in Arizona applying to join a gun range, as I have responded to you before, it is perfectly legal there and proves absolutely nothing. I think you are perhaps frequenting the same dream world as William W.

    If, Barry, you do ultimately prove correct and expose JH as you claim, then I will apologise. Seems a bit strange though that Anne Barnes, Police Commissioner and all that, has got nowhere with Louise Oldfield’s complaint, but then perhaps Kent Police are not as expert as you and your friends.

    • William the police aren’t the only people able to as ISP’s to search ask file downloaders.
      If hammy lives in Arizona then he is perfectly able to ask for membership but then hammy says he lives here in the UK you cannot have it both ways.
      I do think sometimes you words are a touch reminisce of a politician as saying someone inhabits a dream world is quite nasty.
      Finally what happened between Ann Barnes and Louise is nothing to do with me so I cannot comment

  9. Barry, it is not I that is alleging this Arizona connection but you and your comment, you can’t have it both ways, escapes me. If, as he claims, he is Thanet based it would be highly unlikely he would be applying to join an Arizona gun range and, if he does live there, he is quite entitled to do so. But surely you are the expert who has done all the tracing, so you tell me where he lives.

    Similarly, if you think about it, someone locally based who has been rubbishing people abrasively might indeed start to get concerned if those very people were getting close to exposing him. Why though, pray tell me, would someone in Arizona, who seemingly gets his kicks out of insulting folk thousands of miles away, be bothered. Makes all this running scared stuff a bit of a nonsense.

    Whilst I would never use the language of Hamilton, I am beginning to think he might have a point at times.

    • I’m sorry William, but the fact that you seemingly forgive ‘John Hamilton’ his vile language and repugnant behaviour speaks volumes to me. Looking over many of your comments across various Internet locations, the overwhelming impression gained is that you are an apologist for ‘John Hamilton’. Your criticisms of him seem (at absolute most) to get to “Oh, I wouldn’t *quite* use his language, but…”

      You seem to have no problem with him advocating the burning down of people’s homes, nor the insults he directs towards so many disparate people; only the way he actually delivers such comments.

      And as Barry pointed out, you are completely incorrect in stating that only the police can ask ISPs about their customers. Lawyers acting on behalf of copyright enforcement firms (for example) are in no way, shape or form recognised policemen, and yet they repeatedly acquire information from ISPs for use in lawsuits.

  10. Fair enough, Geoffrey, but I think only time will ultimately tell.

    I would have to admit to not following John Hamilton’s comments in the FB realm but only on his own blog and those he makes on the more popular Thanet ones like Thanetonline. Thus, whilst I have seem him dismiss the likes of Driver as a media whore and others as nimbys, I have yet to see these threats of house burning.

    You note that I have never supported the language he uses, but I do admit to some sympathy with the message. Ever since I moved back to Thanet fifteen years ago I have been dismayed that a small protest group seem to impede progress towards recovery of our beautiful but blighted corner of the county. In more recent times, Ian Driver has become their champion, but a closer investigation of the man shows that he is a band wagon jumping, party hopper from a far left background. There are others who oppose everything and turn up to meetings simply to disrupt. That Hamilton refers to them as the usual suspects is not unique to him for the likes of Simon Moores and Chris Wells have done likewise. Now you have a Labour deputy leader in Allan Poole directly insulting them at a meeting.

    How much better it would be if the people of Thanet, both elected and representing interest groups, could work together instead of smearing each other all the time with unproven accusations. Is it any worse to call someone a media whore or a political chancer than it is to call them corrupt or accuse them of snouts in the trough.

    • William, on your point about “Is it any worse to call someone a media whore or a political chancer than it is to call them corrupt or accuse them of snouts in the trough”, I completely agree. Accusing anyone, without proof, of such behaviour is unacceptable to my mind.

      But then I note that you frequently accuse (and agree with ‘John Hamilton’ statements to the same effect) that Ian Driver is a “band wagon jumping, party hopper from a far left background”.

      Can I please ask where the proof of this accusation comes from? Seeing as you have ridiculed those with a belief that ‘John Hamilton’ is not who he says he is, I think it is only fair to ask you what your definitive proof of making such an accusation of Ian Driver is.

      An alternative take on the activities of Ian Driver could (and I am definitely stressing the *could* here) be explained by dissatisfaction with several parties and a search for a better ‘fit’ with his personal ideals. It depends how you read a situation and that will depend in no small part on what personal prejudices and beliefs are brought with you.

      Also, “band wagon jumping” could legitimately be used to describe ‘John Hamilton’ as he seems to flit between many disparate causes, the only tenuous link between them that they seem to affect Thanet in some way, much as those causes of Ian Driver’s do as well (as far as I have seen).

      I guess, therefore, my point is wondering why you only ascribe the term “band wagon jumping” to Ian Driver, but not to ‘John Hamilton’? In fact, why you also seem to lend support and agreement to ‘John Hamilton’ while he does the very same thing you both criticise Ian Driver for?

  11. Geoff, by his own admission Ian Driver is a republican, atheist who has SWP, Militant and Scargill’s party in his background before the four parties or groups he has belonged to in a little over the last two years. His blog seems to come up with some new campaign every couple of days whilst many of the older ones have been dumped after proving false alarms or losing their media appeal. If you want examples, the scaremongering over QEQM A & E closing and the employment law allegations against Thanet Earth amongst others.

    I am a right of centre, Christian royalist so you would hardly expect me to have much to applaud in Ian Driver.

    John Hamilton seems to me, at least as far as his blog is concerned, to direct his attacks at people who negatively campaign against virtually every new proposal for Thanet. However, he is not an elected representative, the same onus to conform to standards expected of such does not apply to him and he is far less likely to influence people as a result. He was also not elected to serve a community by supporters of a party he promptly walked away from.

    • William, do you have any proof that “many of the older [campaigns] have been dumped after proving false alarms or losing their media appeal”, or is that just your speculation?

      Apologies, but it seems to me that Ian Driver’s political and religious stances are so different from yours that you would not accept anything he says as being valid. I fail to see why a “right of centre, Christian royalist” would not be able to find any common ground with a “republican, atheist”, which appears to be what you are saying; not that these constitute a part of your disagreements with and dislike of him, but that they actually inform your whole opinion of him. Forgive me, but that seems to be very petty and small-minded of you.

      Lastly, the fact that you believe that ‘John Hamilton’ only attacks people who “negatively campaign against virtually every new proposal” is one I strongly disagree with, not only in terms of who ‘John’ attacks but also that like him, you seem to think that anyone who dares to voice any concerns or criticisms of any proposal is deserving of ridicule and insult. I do apologise if this is not the case, but your sweeping statement about “people who negatively campaign” certainly suggests this. People have a right to be consulted about and to comment on proposals which affect them.

      Unless you disagree and think that business and government should be able to do what it wishes, with no oversight or checks & balances?

  12. I could go on, Geoffrey, for you have me wrong on a number of issues. For a start I work hard for people in my ward who raise issues with me, but quietly and without fanfares of trumpets, such not being my scene. Nonetheless you and I have very different views on Ian Driver so I guess we must beg to differ.

    • Forgive me, William, but you haven’t actually addressed any of my points. You are obviously under no obligation to do so, but your continued (and curious) defence of ‘John Hamilton’ coupled with your seeming lack of willingness to provide evidence to back up the points you have made (whilst simultaneously demanding it of others) does itself raise more questions.

      Just to confirm our different stances, as I see them:

      I believe ‘John Hamilton’ to no longer be a resident of Thanet or the UK, having emigrated to Arizona recently.

      You are disinclined to believe such without definitive proof being offered.

      You believe Ian Driver to be a “band wagon jumping, party hopper”.

      I am disinclined to believe such without definitive proof being offered.

      You believe that as Ian Driver and yourself proclaim political and religious views from different ends of the spectrum, that there would be little about him which you would applaud.

      I find it disconcerting that someone would make such a sweeping generalisation about a man’s actions based purely on political and religious leanings. Particularly when the man making such a statement is supposed to represent a community’s interests.

      You believe that ‘John Hamilton’ only attacks those who persist in negative campaigning about most new Thanet-based proposals.

      I disagree that ‘John Hamilton’ restricts his attacks to such people and strongly disagree that attacking people for asking legitimate questions about such proposals are in some way justified. I also believe that you have implied that such people are deserving of such attacks, which I also strongly disagree with.

      This is not stated to goad or to insult or in any way provoke a response, merely to provide a summary of how I see the situation as it stands right now.


      • As William will state he gains his information from the little he sees on blogs forgetting that this isn’t the only place either information about hammy’s activities can be found nor is it the only place people try and put their point of view. He knows that the likes of the Ramsgate Society for instance work hard to get the best for Ramsgate and in no way could they be considered NIMBYs. He does however assume that people who protest are NIMBY’s I believe he calls then “the usual suspects” however it would perhaps surprise him that they believe that the agreement with the developer at Pleasurama stinks and they are in total agreement that we should start again over the development which funnily enough is what Friends of Ramsgate Seafront want and what I have been saying on blogs, yet I get called anti development but it seems the Ramsgate Society do not.
        William what you see on blogs is very restricted and it would surprise you to know that hammy is a long way from being someone you would have common interest with

  13. Like I said, Geoffrey, I could go on, but I really do not think there is too much point. Ian Driver’s way of conducting himself as a councillor, his repetitive accusations against his fellow councillors of homophobia, over the Equal Marriage issue when some held strong religious beliefs, of corruption and of snouts in troughs recently on his own blog site, is simply not my way. John Hamilton is really quite irrelevant in a way because nobody actually knows him and, if you are correct, we could be arguing about somebody the other side of the Atlantic on a great big wind up. On protest, yes of course people have a right to hold their elected representatives to account, but there are so many inaccuracies in the statements of some of the regular protestors that they frequently defeat their own case and set themselves up for ridicule by the likes of Hamilton. On the issues of political and religious differences, I respect anyone’s right to hold whatever views they choose. I object to people, like Driver and Hawkins, who dismiss my faith with scathing comments about fairy stories and make belief. Proof, go back to Driver’s original blog site before he became a councillor. Anyway, I did not intend to go on at such length so excuse me if I stop now. Surely we can agree to differ.

    • When he was “sacked” from his Tesco job around 2009 he set up a photography business in the Medway Towns. There are several sites offering his photography some with shots taken in Arizona

    • Please excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is this link supposed to be a clue to? That the man has made a comment on a blog and said he once visited Battersea Power Station is supposed to mean what?

      Sorry if I am being a bit cynical, but do you not see that this is becoming an obsession for some of you and reason is suffering in the process.

      • I think the “It’s all about Paul” sub-title is the point – there’s plenty of other blogs and facebook pages that try to address wider issues.
        What about john hamilton the tird (or is that miss-spelt?) on blogspot?

  14. Thought Barry said he was a photographer or are you talking about photographic developing? Still cannot see where it takes you and, in all honesty, why bother? The best way to deal with internet trolls, if that is what you regard him to be, is to ignore them. Wind up merchants only do it for the pleasure of the reaction it causes. No reaction, no point!

    • William we know “don’t feed the trolls” however that also goes for people who state they are in agreement with them. So that would imply you do not think he is a troll otherwise why post on his blog.
      I also do not understand why you are arguing his case what difference does it make to you? seriously if hammy wants to come on here and elsewhere and defend himself that is his prerogative, I’m sure he is more than capable

    • November 07, 2013 2:34 pm on Thanetonline “When I was a kid, i used to live almost next to Biggin Hill,”
      well well well

      • the Starfighters & lightenings of the late 60’s early 70’s used to scare me stupid! Remeber in the good ole days when they were allowed to “sneak” round behind the crown and fly in at very low level, in full reheat (when the crowd used to be on the base side of the runway) directly over your head, from behind? First you saw them as they appeared from behind you, THEN you’d hear them! I used to think the world was ending lol. dated 5/1/2013 FB official Biggin Hill Airshow page

  15. Barry, sorry did not realise I needed your permission to comment on here, but, since you ask, I hate to see grown men making idiots of themselves playing hunt the troll very badly. In the space of a few weeks this man has gone from being a Thanet politician (per Smudger) to an Arizona cowboy, he has been sacked by Tesco, has been to Battersea Power Station, once lived near Biggin Hill, was a photography in Gravesend, has tenants in the Medway area, was a developer (buildings or films not clarified) and applied to join a gun range. For heavens sake grow up and concentrate on the real issues you claim concern you.

    • Sorry William, but I would just like to say that two directly attributable comments made by ‘John Hamilton’ (that he expressed a wish that people’s homes had been destroyed by fire, and then that he was enquiring about purchasing a gun in Arizona) are two statements which are a very real cause of concern amongst many, not least some Arlington residents. Based on the vile and repugnant attitude displayed by ‘John Hamilton’ to all and sundry, particularly with his repeated claims that Arlington is a ‘slum’ and should be knocked down without delay (and constant references to how much better the view of Margate would look if it was missing), some do feel a genuine sense of threat.

      Which so far the police do not seem to be taking seriously in any way, shape or form. But then, when an elected councillor such as yourself seems to be spending so much time not only defending the views of ‘John Hamilton’ but also seemingly trying to deflect attention away from him, perhaps that is not a surprising result.

      Perhaps you should stop attacking Ian Driver purely based on his religious and political views and grow up? There are far more important things in this world to worry about than a man coming from the left or disagreeing with you about which particular deity to worship.

  16. Geoffrey, the fact the police do not take the Hamilton alleged threat seriously speaks volumes in itself. One the one hand people claim Hamilton is thousands of miles away on a wind up and then, because he applies to join a gun range in Arizona, he is somehow a physical threat to the residents of a block of flats in Margate.

    I happen to think Arlington is an eyesore and that it is appalling that it ever got planning consent to be built. I too think it would be better if it were pulled down, as do many other Thanet people, but that is not a threat to the residents and I very much doubt it is ever going to happen.

    On Driver, and if you check around, I do not attack him that much even though I abhor both his politics and his style. On the issue of religion, we are supposed to practice religious freedom in this country, which means I can be an Anglican and Ian Driver can be an atheist as we wish. However, I do not publish anywhere statements ridiculing atheists, I actually feel sorry for them, but Ian Driver seems to think it is OK to ridicule those who believe in God as he did on his original blog site. It was at that point I went off him and I have seen nothing since to change my opinion of the man.

    • William agreed do not feed the troll but then that would mean stopping the tacit approval you give him by criticizing those that express their disapproval directly to him.
      As Geoff has said there is a lot of evidence including his own statements on various sites including Facebook which you acknowledge you do not use.
      Why are you so critical of us if we want to do it isn’t that up to us not you.
      Further the photography business he took up after leaving Tesco in 2009 was in the Medway towns not Gravesend

    • William, you appear to be deliberately ignoring part of my point about ‘John Hamilton’ and his present location: I believe him to have been until very recently a UK resident with many ties to Thanet and now believe him to have emigrated to Arizona.

      The fact that he himself no longer lives in the UK does not reduce the sense of danger felt by others: there is a real possibility that he has friends who would wish the same (as his blogging and Facebook posts show, there are a number of people within Thanet who agree with what he says and it could be said that he riles them up and maybe puts ideas in their head). And seeing as his hatred and bile is continually pouring forth and as far as I know there is nothing stopping him from coming back for a little ‘visit’, how can you definitively say there is no danger?

      Once people start repeatedly making comments along the lines of “It should be pulled down”, “shame it didn’t burn down”, “it was much better when it wasn’t there”, etc, then the overall atmosphere created is one of a vocal minority telling residents that their home is not wanted by others and they wish it to be somehow destroyed. The fact that you do not perceive that to be a threat, I would suggest, is because you are not on the receiving end of so much bile and flippancy.

      If Ian Driver has indeed ridiculed those who practice religion, and purely *because* they practice religion, then that is unacceptable in my book. But you have already made the claim that solely because of his and your differing viewpoints on religion and politics, you would not find much to applaud in him, so from my point of view you are really only saying you are as bad as each other in that regard.

      • Haven’t I read somewhere soon after these stories about demolishing the slum a small fire on the 2nd floor of Arlington House was applauded by Hamilton on his blog. Surely that is an action that might cause a breach of the Peace. And someone with a screw loose might take that as tacit approval. There are plenty of strange people out there. That is why newspapers have to be careful about encouraging vigilantes

  17. And there you have a point, William, somebody said his photographic business was in Gravesend for I read it on the blogs. There are lots of such snippets of information, some of which contradict others.

    You do, however, have a fair point that if you wish to look for evidence of Hamilton’s background and current place of abode then that is your privilege. If you then publish your findings on the internet, where everybody can see it, is it not reasonable the others are entitled to query it.

    I wait with bated breath for the day that you announce you have actually found John Hamilton and that he is actually an illegal immigrant living in a bed sit in Cliftonville who has been exposed by his failure to pay his bedroom tax.

    • Droll William but so sarcastic. When will you stop the hate you should be above that As an example of your sarcasm there was no need to say “you (claim )concern you” The word claim is spurious in this context and completely uncalled for. From what I read on FORS he is very passionate and attends many local meetings. In Broadstairs someone with that sort of passion would be lauded not attacked with unnecessary sarcasm

  18. Somewhere you have lost me William For I have no idea who you are talking about in the context of being passionate and attending meetings. I thought we were discussing the hunt for Hamilton issue.

    Geoffrey, the fact that many people think Arlington should never have been built and that Margate skyline would be improved without it, is no threat to its residents. It is, however, a shame that when a proposal comes along to enhance the appearance of the building, renovate the shopping arcade and car park and provide Margate people with a much needed supermarket, thus avoiding the need to travel to Broadstairs, someone has to go rushing off to get a court injunction to halt its progress.

    See you twist around my exposure of Driver’s unwarranted attack on people’s religious beliefs to be that we are both as bad as each other. At least, therefore, you are accepting the man has some bad and to be as bad as me is pretty damning it would seem.

    • Oh William did you forget you posted at 16:26 in full
      “Barry, sorry did not realise I needed your permission to comment on here, but, since you ask, I hate to see grown men making idiots of themselves playing hunt the troll very badly. In the space of a few weeks this man has gone from being a Thanet politician (per Smudger) to an Arizona cowboy, he has been sacked by Tesco, has been to Battersea Power Station, once lived near Biggin Hill, was a photography in Gravesend, has tenants in the Medway area, was a developer (buildings or films not clarified) and applied to join a gun range. For heavens sake grow up and concentrate on the real issues you (claim) concern you.”

      How does the word “claim” help the discussion (I added the brackets.
      Can you not be polite and avoid the sarcasm. As a matter of interest has Barry ever been nasty to you?

    • William, it seems to me that your opinion of Arlington differs greatly from that of many of the people who actually live there and you seem to think that you should be able to dictate to them how they should interpret events. I certainly agree that something should be done to aid with the regeneration of the Arlington area and Margate in general, but I and many others have serious reservations that a large Tesco superstore is the best way to go about it.

      As I understand it, the renovation of Arlington you mention is only required because the landlord (Freshwater) have failed in their duty to maintain the area to the standard required by their contract and TDC have failed to force them to adhere to those terms. I also understand that most if not all of the costs of the renovations would have to be met by the residents themselves, rather than Tesco or Freshwater, so fail to see how that point is relevant.

      If you have information which proves different, I would be very interested to see it.

      There are also a whole host of other potential problems surrounding the loss of resident parking spaces and other issues which will affect the residents, so I will assume that as you fail to see any validity toward any resident concerns, that you believe their opinions to be worthless and to have no merit whatsoever.

      I have stated many times that there are positive and negative aspects regarding the proposed development, as have many residents and those who have raised concerns about it, but the fact that you *only* list positives and once again are dismissive of those who are not willing to just take it on faith that everything will turn out ok tells me that you really couldn’t give two figs about the residents, as long as business gets to make its money and isn’t held accountable by the little people.

  19. In a word, William, yes! The word claim refers to those things that FORS exists for like the Pleasurama project, the Royal Pavilion and the sea front issues in general. Hunting Hammy, to use the terminology of the hunters, detracts from the primary cause.

    With many of those around the blogs who campaign against, more often than for, things in Thanet, they are all sweetness and light if you agree with them. Disagree and there is petulant foot stamping, you get told to butt out, that you are a shit stirrer and, the ultimate accolade, that you are somehow in cahoots with John Hamilton. I have my own opinions and, if sometimes they correspond with those of somebody else then that is coincidence, not that we are bed partners. Unlike a certain councillor, I am not bisexual.

    • William have I been rude to you ever? I read what Barry and others post on FORS do you?
      As far as I can see they want this useless developer out and start again is that so wrong?
      Barry seems to attend meetings yet to say he (not FORS) “claims” concern him does him a disservice “For heavens sake grow up and concentrate on the real issues you (claim) concern you” no mention of FORS just him personally.
      I also note on Thanetonline you say you don’t dobt his passion yet here you do.
      I ask you again has Barry ever been rude or nasty to you?

  20. Geoffrey, there are an awful lot of assumptions in your statement about my attitude towards the residents of Arlington and I am well, aware there are those for and those against the Tesco proposal. Back in my working life in London I had dealings with Freshwaters on a block of flats in Eltham where the communal areas were in an appalling state, so I have every sympathy with the residents on that issue.

    That said I find your tone towards me objectionable, I would not have stood for my town council if I did not give two figs about people’s concerns and or that I consider people’s opinions worthless. Clearly you and I have nothing in common except now a mutual dislike so you will no doubt be pleased to know that I shall not comment here again.

    • You can take my tone however you like William, but it was informed by your tone towards me and the objectionable way you appeared to dismiss the residents of Arlington and implied that no-one was permitted to have legitimate concerns about the proposed development.

      You can claim reasons behind your standing for councillor, but your statements speak by themselves; in particular the fact that you represented the proposed development of Arlington as all sweetness and light and that you were so dismissive of those who dared to question it.

    • that’s your prerogative William but you need to understand sometimes standing up for what you believe should be more important than your personal prejudices

  21. William, as you have addressed me I will return this once to put the record straight.

    I am not giving up on what I believe in, but I would be the first to admit that I sometimes play Devil’s Advocate in order to try to stimulate debate and look at alternative viewpoints. It was never my intention in doing so to give offence and I sincerely apologise if such has been taken.

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