“It’s [A Troll] Life, Jim, But Not As We Know It”

John Hamilton protests that he only ever uses his own name when posting. Yet he has confessed repeatedly that he uses other accounts, either those setup directly by him or those of “friends”.

Which begs the question: Can a thuggish and moronic troll such as John ever actually have friends?

Highly doubtful. But as proven, John has many mental deficiencies and psychological issues, so perhaps paranoid schizophrenia is among them and these “friends” are nothing more than other facets of John’s disturbed mind. Further to this, John continues to use multiple Facebook profiles, in direct contravention of Facebook terms and conditions. But as his false and slanderous accusations being removed by Facebook proves, John has absolutely no problem with lying to try and get his ridiculous and illogical views across.

Regardless, John has been proven to be a complete liar yet again, contradicting himself at every turn and hoping that his band of sycophantic followers don’t notice him digging his own hole.


54 thoughts on ““It’s [A Troll] Life, Jim, But Not As We Know It”

    • It’s very interesting, Barry. For someone who repeatedly says “I’m me, I have nothing to hide”, Whaaamilton has a rather large collection of multiple email addresses, user accounts and IP addresses. Almost all of his IP addresses are routed through proxies in a vain attempt of his to hide his real location. Shame he doesn’t actually understand more about how such services work…

      Even the comments Whaaamilton leaves on here, he has used at least five different email accounts. Not exactly the actions of an honest person.

      • With his need for hiding behind the curtains I doubt we will ever have him grace us with his presence.

  1. When you think of all the time he must waste, making up email addresses, registering, confirming, a weary half hearted stab at making the profile appear genuine by adding friends who, as we all know, are him and (I get tired just thinking about what he has to go through) therefore he has to go through all the same processes to create the accounts for his friends just to get one vote of support. Rinse and repeat. He must have to make copious notes and reminders and constantly changing his IP and being sure to use the correct account out of the vast range he has created. And at the end of it all ?

    You get one sentence into his comment and you KNOW it’s him anyway.

    Hammy – just how far down that rabbit hole of sock puppets, proxies, fake names, email accounts and MAC changers are you prepared to go ? You will, inevitably, slip up at some point. This is a given. Hilarity will follow.

    • We have a trolling law in UK which has already resulted in imprisonment for many :
      Section 127(1)(a) of the Communications Act 2003 provides that a person is guilty of an offence if he sends by means of a public electronic communications network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character.
      Section 127(3) of the Communications Act provides that a person guilty of an offence under section 127 is liable, on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale or to both.

      Not so widely used is the Malicious Communications Act 1988. ® http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1988/27/section/1 but again trolls have been banged up and having read some of the case histories, with the main thrust of the prosecution tending to be about malicious intent. Yes, we’re looking at you hammy. I certainly have some screen shots although I only have a 1.5Tb hard drive so obviously not enough space to save all of his vitriolic and nonsensical outpourings. But there are plenty around and let’s not forget ISPs are now forced to retain all our doings on the internet on their server farms.

      Of more interest is that The unmasking of internet trolls: New laws will make websites responsible for vile messages unless they reveal identities of bullies
      The Government ‘s proposals to make ISP’s reveal the identity of trolls… Article here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2157937/New-laws-make-Facebook-Twitter-responsible-internet-trolls-unless-them.html

      Interesting to note in the article that one trolling victim has already won a court order forcing Facebook to identify the identities of the trolls.

      In summation : I’ll get the comfy chairs and popcorn in, in readiness for the occasion. Perhaps we could all chip in for some bunting ?

      • Replying to myself to say I didn’t see that you had also found the Section 127 bit. This is what comes of reading it on my phone and commenting on my PC. Damn you IMAP.

  2. Oh James, I gave up night work some years ago when I still worked for other 🙂 Unlike you, I just do what i’m good at my boy 😉

    • You seem somewhat preoccupied lately hammy, Is something bothering you? maybe you have made some tactical mistakes in your past internet ramblings. There are many people who would like you to bow out of Thanet life however more than one person has said they doubt you would do this gracefully because of your ego. I think you should prove them wrong and race off into the sunset.

      • I’d definitely rate Whaaamilton a C2 of late, Barry. There’s definite effort there, but his execution has been lacking compared to previous attempts.

  3. It’s all I need to deal with your bullshit James, after all, we know you won’t deal with all the other bullshit you’ve been caught out peddling don’t we now, and there is SO much of it, it’s really getting very samey

    • pardon me for boring you spammy but then you have been boring folks for many months. Have you given up with Thanetonline Michael will be more than happy when I tell him

  4. Oh dear James, I see the meaning of a simple post has yet again been a complete mystery to you. Bless, perhaps those who post when they are clearly should change the cheap alcohol they use to make the real world go away. It’s sad when they can;t make themselves understood, bless.

    • “It’s sad when they can;t make themselves understood”

      Could not agree more:

      “perhaps those who post when they are clearly should change the cheap alcohol they use”.

      Bwahahahahaha! Moron.

  5. Sorry Barnes my precious lil fuckwit, I didn’t realise that a missing word would cause you so much confusion.

    I would suggest actually being equipped to take part in a race before looking as stupid as you do when you fail to even get off the blocks with monotonous regularity 😉

    • Oh dear. Whaaamilton just doesn’t get it. Nothing changes there then. Mind you, with all that drinking he’s doing it’s understandable he’s not even sure what continent he’s on!

      • and you know Geoff white lightning hasn’t even been produced since 2009 according to Wikipedia. I wonder if that’s when he sold it?

      • Whaaamilton probably bought the entirety of the last stock and has been steadily drinking it ever since. He can’t imagine no-one else is drinking it any more, hence the constant references to it.

        He’s probably almost running empty by now so he’ll need to buy some different booze to feed the habit….

  6. James quotes a fact, well there is a first, assuming of course it’s accurate, but as James is proven liar, that can only be a 50/50 chance at BEST 😉 Any facts relating to any well known Kent businesses that you can post that you WON’T be forced to remove my boy?

    • “James quotes a fact, well there is a first” consistently inaccurate as usual but then hardly surprising from a wannabe photographer

    • Oh look, Whaaamilton is going on about lies on digital media. Now, I forget, who has had multiple slanderous, false accusations removed from Facebook for violating terms and conditions?

      Ah yes. Whaaamilton. How did it go again? Oh yeah, Facebook apparently operates an “auto-removal” process! Bwahahahaha! Will Whaaamilton *ever* provide any proof for his absolutely ridiculous claims?

      Doubt it. Because there is not one single shred of evidence to support his illogical idea.

  7. Oh bless you James, I knew you couldn’t keep it up! Your very next post, and you’re back to the same inaccurate laughable bullshit that you are now (in)famous for. I will add whoever it is I’;m supposed to be now to the list 🙂

  8. The problem with Hammy is that you cut off his oxygen from one of his many personalities but like the Phoenix from the ashes, he always returns with yet another dodgy profile

  9. Have you been cruising James oh dear HAHAHAHAHA

    I’m just fine for friends thanks my boy, but you feel free to continue to try to find anyone that takes you seriously 😉

  10. I think you might need to get back to your cruising James, hopefully someone sometime may take you seriously 😉 bless.

    • I thought you took me seriously as you have even got an email barryjames_cock@hotmail. so funny as chequers says you have a fascination with my genitalia.
      You need to get your carer to up your meds. bless

  11. I have entered the Hall of Fame and have been banned from Yes to Arlington by Paul “the Troll” redneck. I hope he is taking note as he will not get any rest until he leaves Thanet alone

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