Hamilton – Immigrant Quisling?

John Hamilton himself has confessed that he migrated from London to Ramsgate.

So why does he hate those who have done the same so much? Maybe there’s a distance limit? Maybe John has designated a Boundary of Acceptance, outside of which he has unilaterally decided that you are not permitted to move to Thanet and be considered a ‘true resident’ (by him)?

So how far away from Thanet does John think is an acceptable distance to relocate? He obviously considers moving from London to be ok, so around 70 miles seems to be acceptable. Which is curious, because the one person he constantly tells to “go back home” is someone who also moved to Thanet from London.

Maybe it’s because of the previous destination this person moved from? Which brings us back round again to how far away has John decided is the maximum relocation distance? There obviously is one, based on John’s slanderous insults directed at others.

All in all, John’s behaviour is curious, in addition to the usual standards of illogicality and ridiculousness he displays so repeatedly.


93 thoughts on “Hamilton – Immigrant Quisling?

      • Annette Hearn-Gibson on FB Peter she has a way with words
        “ive had the misfortune to read some of your childish remarks today, for the first time I may add and I have to say I’ve come across decomposed bodies that are less offensive than you are”

      • I’m surprised no-one on here has mentioned the article by “Smudger” in last friday’s Isle of Thanet Gazette, but here it is in case you missed it:

        “John Hamilton”, whoever he may be, should be afriad. Smnudger hears that no less a great personage than Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes has been asked to investigate his blog site which has become home to a nasty array of personal attacks on Thanet folk. Smudger’s sources whisper that Mr Hamilton may, in fact, be a member of the Thanet political community and exposure would be very embarassing for a certain party. Oh dear.

  1. Peter, mate, you post this;
    Peter Checksfield on September 23, 2013 at 08:25 said:
    “I’m surprised no-one on here has mentioned the article by “Smudger” in last friday’s Isle of Thanet Gazette, but here it is in case you missed it:”

    As a reply to a post by the liar James, whose subject is;

    “Barry James on September 22, 2013 at 20:25 said:
    interesting piece by smudger in the gazette”

    Think you really need to get a grip and do better mate 😉

    • Actually I was replying to his message on Annette, though at least it’s good to see that YOU have got a grip: Up until a week or two ago you would’ve written a ranting blog post about her, but now you’re replying with a “Yawn”, so well done! I suspect though that all this talk of police action has had an influence on your change of ways rather than you simply deciding to be nice to everyone ; )

      • Peter I think the yawn was more to do with hammy’s all night session posting on In Touch With Thanet. I do wonder at the sanity of not sleeping especially with a day job but hey ho not my problem.

  2. Oh dear Peter, that really is a fairly poor excuse. As for Annette, I dealt with that slapper elsewhere, and have no intention of repeating myself 🙂

    Oh bless you James, does 5am equate to “all night” for you, does your mama still not unlock your door till it’s school time, oh well, one day you may grow up, and be taken seriously, but i doubt it.

    • so tired little hammy cannot even get the timing right. All night was early hours to breakfast, hardly 5am maybe it felt like a few minutes but hey ho. btw thanks for the name check glad you read my blog lol

  3. oh bless it thins its *dealt* with me elsewhere, funny that not quite how I remember it……..seems to me little Johnny scurrys away like a scabby rat when ever I post on ITWT…….what are you scared of boy, having your arse handed to you by a woman, you are a pathetic specimen a cowardly nonentity afraid to reveal his face or even his real name…….I’d like to leave you with one thought, but I’m not sure you have anywhere to put it!

  4. Oh bless, you bought your mama to try to help you James HAHAHAHAHA. Oh dear, it seems that poor ole Annette think I am, like one of her usual punters, and wish to spend time in her company. Poor dumb cheap slapper, unlike the poor sap in her profile pic, and the scabby rats Peter gets his rocks of taking pics of, I have WAY higher standards. As stated elsewhere, “to be continued,er, no” I have better things to do than deal with a cheap dumb slapper over many different forums.

    Like your punters Annette, I have finished with you, I would suggest you get the bus fare home from James, or perhaps get Peter to take some some of his usual poor pictures pictures of ugly women such as you, coz god knows you couldn’t earn it 😉 Perhaps it would give the sap in the profile pic something to cheers up his day.

    Everyone has the right to be ugly Annette, sadly you abuse that right much as Peter abuses the word “Photographer”

      • When will the truth appear in your posts James, MUCH nicer than dealing with a lying fucktard such as you. Where’s mummy gone HAHAHAHAHA

    • My pictures are so poor, you link to my blog twice! ; )

      Anyway, I don’t care whether or not people like my art, the important thing is that people are aware of it, just as they are of Tracey Emin’s art.

      • Oh dear, I go away for a few days and Whaaaa-milton has returned to his usual trick of insulting those he can’t defeat through logical argument. Shame for him it doesn’t actually work and everyone knows him to be a whining pathological liar and narcissist.

        Still, at least it was quiet for a while without his repeated bleating…

      • I know Peter, I think there is a place for laughter on every blog, and it’s nice that you are happy to provide it 🙂

        It’s clear you don;t care what people think of your “art” Peter, it’s the poor nags you use that I pity. I’m aware of dog shit aswell, doesn’t mean it has value, much like your “art”.

  5. says the coward who hasn’t got the gonads to show its face…….what a laughable wankstain, call me all the names you want silly boy its only words …..I used to think that you were a big pain in the neck. Now I have a much lower opinion of you

  6. Maybe you should post something truthful James, that would indeed be a whole new departure for you 😉

    Ah wankstains, a cost of your business clearly Gibson, but you REALLY should try for a little better clientele, maybe break the £1 a pop barrier slaps…

    I knew you were simply a waste of skin and organs, I have now learned you are simply the product of organs, worthless shit 😉

    Who is that sap in your picture, poor ole fucker looks confused…

    • oh how very boring…..and so utterly predictable…….nothing to say so it insults, come on them coward what have you ever done with your life that is worthwhile, sorry writing shit on the internet while hiding behind a fake name really doesn’t count.

      lets face it creep, You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.

      Calling him a pea brain would be an undeserved compliment.

  7. I don’t know who this Annette is but I like her already (if only John had the guts to meet her in person, now THAT would be worth seeing!).

    As for my photography John, if you had my combination of talent, looks and charisma then you just might have women queueing up to get their kit off for you too… but sadly you have so little talent you’ve made zero impact on Thanet after decades of living here, you’re so ugly you use a photo of Ian Driver instead of your own face, and your lack of charisma is such that people who haven’t even met you dislike you! : )

  8. I’m sure you do Peter, she is pig ugly, and desperate enough to maybe be the subject of your piss poor amateur “art”.

    I’ve seen the women that queue up to to get your kit of for you. On the usual measure, they wouldn’t amount to a 2 collectively, and you’re right, that is a PERFECT illustration or your lack of talent, piss poor skills and road accident looks 🙂

    Impact on Thanet, taking pictures of ugly women……

    On that basis, the fact I haven’t done indulged in your particular version of “shag a pig” night actually contributes more to Thanet than you ever have my boy 😉

    The fact that the peons, nimbys, liars and occutards, not to mention 5th rate wanna be pornographers dislike me makes me smile daily my boy.

    Now off you trot and try to find a pig who’s desperate enough to get their kit off for a has been old pervert, then you can claim to have posted more “art for Thanet” 😉

  9. My approach: Making reasonably attractive local women feel beautiful, and improving their confidence & self-esteem.

    Your approach: Making reasonably attractive local women feel ugly, trying to ruin their confidence & self-esteem.

    I think I’ll stick to my way! : )

  10. the issue with hammy is he feels he makes an impact but his conversations are an irrelevance. In the short term he may stir up emotions but long term he has no impact on anything. Without him making himself known his opinions do not matter. People buy from people not from someone who hides behind a computer.

  11. Oh dear, seems the peons have been posting some bullshit for me to laugh at.

    Peter, you nearly got it right, let me correct you;

    Peter Checksfield – “My approach as a mucky ole pervert: Persuading pig ugly local women to get their kit off so I can take piss poor pics of them, to fulfill my own needs, that are driven by my enforced solitary sexual proclivities:

    I think I’ll stick to my way! : )”

    That’s better, all nice and accurate now, (look up the word accurate James, I realise it’s just a jumble of meaningless letters to you 😉 )

    Annette, I suspect you would even be below Peter’s non existent “standards”, but WAY below mine. Best just get back on the corner and try to raise enough money for a nice burger dear 😉

    Just who is the sap in your picture, is it a punter, or the poor fucker you tricked into being manacled to you….

    Trot off slaps.

    How entertaining, a pig is called for, and one immediately arrives 🙂

    “Now off you trot and try to find a pig who’s desperate enough to get their kit off for a has been old pervert, then you can claim to have posted more “art for Thanet” 😉
    Reply ↓

    annette on September 25, 2013 at 12:50 said:

    says the bloke who couldn’t pull a bit of string
    Reply ↓ “

    • People are going to discover your true identity sooner rather than later, and will be eager to meet you… I wonder if you’ll be saying all these things to their faces? : )

  12. hammy a person with no shame. The latest blog post from this snake of a man attacks a lady who is at home recuperating from a serious operation, having undergone treatment for breast cancer, with access to her timeline photos he must have been aware, from her recent posts, that she would have been feeling vulnerable but did that stop hammy, not at all.
    Does he even have any scruples, of course not, any moral compass, doubtful.
    In his world everyone is a target. If he had a conscience he would remove the post because it would cause Clare personal distress but then I doubt he will as he has shown he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

  13. If anyone knows the true identity of “John Hamilton” could they please either reveal it on here or contact me privately: peterchecksfield@gmail.com

    A couple of partners (& at least one father) of my models would like to have a word or two with him.


  14. Oh look, Smee has turned up to try to help the rest of the human sewage that tries (and fails utterly) to attack me.

    Peter, my name is at the begining of my posts my boy. Perhaps there is a reason for your early onset blindness and hairy palms…. And yes, I am more than happy to stand by my perfectly correct observations.

    James, oh dear my boy, If Dove is well enough to post her usual elitist bullshit, it really is a little rich to then whine when people point out it’s valuelessness, along with that of it’s author. Perhaps she should stop whining about everything and everyone whose politics is to the right of Stalin.

    • “usual elitist bullshit”

      Either Whaaamilton is being hypocritical (as per usual) or doesn’t understand the words he uses (also par for the course), but this is rich coming from someone who chucks “peons” around as a term almost as frequently as the spittle flies off of his chin drool.

      • As I have said in the past Peter (you really should try to keep up 😉 ) I have no compunction, nor real desire to spend any of my hard won free time socialising with people in whom I have little or no interest.

        Try and keep up, there’s a good lad 😉

      • I strongly suspect that you won’t have much choice in doing a little “socialising” with them once your identity is revealed! : )

    • Is your name at the beginning of your posts? Michael Child seems not to believe that. “nom de blog” he said to you. However we all note you have wound in your neck on there recently. Despite more debate on Pleasurama no comment by you. despite Michael’s direct statement about you, you refrain from commentary. Is this a change of heart or is it fear of exposure, time will tell!!

      • Hmm, how entertaining, you think I care whether people think I have a nom de blog? WOW, you’re even more stupid than even I thought, aswell as being a proven lying cunt.

        Amusingly you prove yourself a liar yet AGAIN by accusing me of being nasty to poor ole Dove, yet then try to claim I have “wound my neck in”. Simple fact, nothing going on, nothing new hence, although exposing you as a bald faced lying cunt is fun, al you have really done recently is rehash your usual bullshit. I’ve dealt with you amply on smithson’s site, nothing further req.

        I don’t feel the need to address every foolish accusation about me, but I do wish one day, that you will post your inaugural fact, that would indeed be a happy day!

      • Whaaamilton misses the pertinent part of your comment there Barry: “on there”.

        But then we all know that among his many failings, Whaaamilton has problems with locations.

  15. Read Thanet watch HAHAHAHAHAHAHA If I want a comic, i’ll buy the Beano or read one of Smees ditties. However, as I am not prepared to waste 80p lining the pockets of champagne socialists, if someone wants to post it, I’ll give it a read 😉

  16. I strongly suspect Peter that my i will keep the company of those I chose to 😉

    I love to know what’s happening locally, hence I avoid anything lying cunts like you allege, as I know you can;t prove any of your lies, and the Thanet Watch comic is worthy only as bedding in a rabbit, and i’m not about to line to pockets of champagne socialists to line bunnies cage.

    Great pic, certainly more attractive than any other on Dove’s whine filled profile,

  17. Nothing to answer James, you’re bullshit is of a lower standard than even I expect from you, and that tragic fuckwit Smee is rarely worth a comment unless I am also dealing with a lying cunt such as yourself. 🙂

    Now toddle off my boy, I’m sure the village you left is missing it’s idiot, take Smee with you, he might find a use as a wiper of other people’s arses with the 5th “journalism” he practices, if indeed it EVER see print 🙂

    • Please get your facts and grammar correct Hamilton -“if indeed it EVER see print”?
      Not that I need to justify anything to such an obnoxious individual as you, but you are more likely to see and hear my work, rather than read it.
      Now,old boy, go and slither back into the sewer where you belong.

      • Chris,

        Whaaamtilon has no need of facts, as they only get in the way of his rants, insults and false accusations. He’s just a malicious and ignorant thug with an axe to grind, hiding behind the Internet to make himself feel big.


      • Sorry if the missing ” ‘s” caused you SUCH an issue Smee, I am aware you are indeed somewhat lacking in intelligence, but even I didn’t realise you were SO lacking that a single missing letter would throw you completely.

        I have seen cartoons in the past Smee, which one were you, Seaman Stains perhaps….

        Now off you fuck with the rest of the worthless turds, there’s a good little spunk bubble 😉

      • Here’s something to get your tiny mind around Hamilton. I’ll interview you live on TV or radio so you can put your comments across to a far wider audience. Let them decide if you are completely insane. I think I know what the majority will think. Oh, you will have course have to control your language.

  18. Thank you Smee, but to be honest, I would rather spend an hour listening to aquifer man live, than spend any time in the company of a repellent fuckwit such as you, even assuming that your piss poor “journalism” could secure airtime from another organisation other than maybe Thanet watch’s very own PA!

    Thanks Smee, but my time is far to valuable to waste on amatuer “journalists” of as low a caliber as you my boy 😉

    • Nothing at all to do with Thanet Watch you senile old twat, Hamilton. Why would you turn down a chance to appear on national television? Haven’t got the balls to go head to head with me or just crapping yourself in case your true identity would be revealed??

      • Smee, which part of my very easy to understand post did you fail to understand my boy, Oh, you securing some national TV, hang on HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA should I write this in crayon for you next time boy?

        Thank you Smee, but to be honest, I would rather spend an hour listening to aquifer man live, than spend any time in the company of a repellent fuckwit such as you, even assuming that your piss poor “journalism” could secure airtime from another organisation other than maybe Thanet watch’s very own PA!

        Thanks Smee, but my time is far to valuable to waste on amatuer “journalists” of as low a caliber as you my boy 😉

      • I assume you watch and listen to the news on TV and radio Hamilton. If so you will have seen many of my stories, but there’s one pending that you will be more than interested in as it involves your good self. We’ll see who has the last laugh then, old fella 😉

    • It should be good, unless you’re Hamilton. Watch this space, the obnoxious one doesn’t know what’s coming. Poor old chap 😉

    • Oh dear, Hamilton. You really are not taking this seriously are you? No, not the Beano or kiddies fairy story hour although most of your comments seem to have the same intellectual standard as those.
      All I can say at present is that this will be a story on national TV. It is our duty to show a fair balanced report which will require an interview, or at least a quote from yourself. This could prove difficult as most of your remarks contain words such as “fuckwit”, “c*nt”, “turd” and other such pleasantries.
      I must admit, I have forgotten the last time I have enjoyed researching a story so much in the fourty or so years I’ve been in the media industry. It appears other people are also looking forward to this so I will advise everyone when it is scheduled to be aired.
      Now off you go,old fella and try to have a good day 😉

    • Hi Courtney and welcome!

      The reason for Whaaamilton using that email address is because he really doesn’t like Barry James. Barry has been advocating something happening with the Pleasurama site in Ramsgate for some time now, pointing out the various inadequacies of the several building firms and TDC to do something about it.

      And Whaaamilton really has a bee in his bonnet about anyone who dares to point out the failings of building firms, it would seem (along with basically anyone who disagrees with his outrageous and frequently slanderous claims).

      • Peter what if hammy is a women disguised as a man. Would that be transgender or transvestite

      • Ok, that makes sense … in a why would anyone do that sort of way. I have a strong feeling that his hamnonimity won’t last much longer. I cringe for him now – not sure if I’ll feel schadenfreude or a cringe factor too great to tolerate when his identity is revealed. How on earth will he live it down ? Will he continue to think adding the words “dear boy” or “off you go” constitute a valid argument ? The shame of being him. But I suppose once his identity is revealed he will at least be able to seek help and maybe one day become a happy, normal person.

  19. Oh dear, seems the human sewage have got all excited over poor ole Smee’s comic. Bless em. Homo erotic cheggers, nah my boy, though after looking at your snaps, that’s enough to make anyone consider their sexuality.

    • I am beginning to wonder whether you can actually read, Hamilton. Yet again I have to stress this story or feature will not be in print format -athough there may be feed back in the press – it will be on national TV. I hope this is clear for you, ol’ fella 😉

      • Perfectly thanks boy. I just choose to read worthwhile prose, not dross from a 5th rate (at BEST) hack.

  20. Made me giggle this random banter with whom? I know of one leader of tdc…clive hart who speaks like this…yes leader of tdc now thats headline news…cllr hart was also into IT:..)

    • Still drunk i see hooper, you should leave that white lightening alone you know, it will effect your looks, oh, hang on……

      • White lightening – would that be hair colouring ? As a blonde I’m interested. Or did you in fact mean white lightning ? One never knows as you often resort to picking spelling as the main thrust of your comment (as I am doing right now) and yet, paradoxically, should anyone call you out on your frequent, and often unintentionally hilarious, errors you then accuse them of resorting to the lowest common denominator. But don’t worry Hammy, we’ll all try very hard to keep up ! Now off I go.

      • As you say Courtney, Whaaamilton frequently mocks others for typos or poor spelling but really hates it when others point out the mistakes he has made. My favourite instance is when he referred to my bait comment on his blog:

        “For a sample of his illiterate prowse, have a read below, but sit down before you do, you will end up laughing at him as much as we have!”

        Like with “towing the line”, seems Whaaaamilton likes to sneak in an unnecessary ‘w’ every now and again!

      • The strange little man who provides all you mucky pictures James, As we know, nobody else drawing breath would have anything to do with you.

      • For someone who says he wouldn’t have anything to do with you Barry, Whaaamilton seems fairly obsessed with you! He even created an email address and account specifically referring to you. Freud would have a field day with him!

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