Hamilton’s False Accusations Removed from Facebook


Oh dear. Seems as though John is still persisting in his claims that Facebook deletes reported content automatically, despite there being no proof to back up these ludicrous claims and in spite of the fact that proof has been shown that directly contradicts John’s assertion. So here’s some more:


Facebook has four teams who deal with different kinds of reports, working around the clock and in 24 different languages. Nowhere in this article from Facebook does it even so much as hint that any posts are subject to “auto-removal”, as John says is what happens.

So John has it utterly wrong (once again) when he says:

“FB will automatically remove the majority of comments complained about, and sometimes even suspend accounts”

Relevant screenshot of his comment below:


It’s getting easier and easier to disprove John Hamilton’s lies…


It seems as though John uses a different Facebook to the rest of the planet. According to John:

“Facebook sadly auto-remove remarks which are inaccurately complained about, even the most worthless dullard knows that, clearly Barnes is not as bright as that.”

Oh dear. John really has no concept of how a company like Facebook operates. If they permitted the unmediated “auto-removal” of posts which had been complained about, then half of Facebook would disappear overnight as tit-for-tat wars escalated out of control.

I’ve provided a screenshot of Facebook’s own support page regarding reported posts, highlighting the pertinent section in red:


No mention of “auto-removal” there. And note how it says that a report is not a guarantee of removal. Weird, because if there’s an “auto-removal” process in place, why wouldn’t everything which is reported be removed?

Ah yes, that’s right. John’s making it all up.

John Hamilton has had some of his false accusations removed from Facebook, the most prominent of which was his post accusing Andy Scott of being racist and xenophobic.

Here’s the offending post which used to be on Facebook:


Facebook has confirmed it has removed the post for violating its terms and conditions. No surprises there then, seeing as it was a completely baseless, false accusation (like almost all of John’s posts, come to think of it).

So how did John respond to the eminently reasonable removal of his bile? By reposting it on his own blog of course:


Bless, John. The ball got taken away because you were naughty and couldn’t behave, so you ran home and started playing with your own, by yourself.

This is far from the only post of John’s which has been removed from Facebook for violating its terms and conditions, which really says something as everyone knows how lackadaisical Facebook are at policing and removing posts. John must have really rung their alarm bells with all of his hate and lies.

Even Facebook agrees that John’s comments are unacceptable. No doubt this will only be the start of John’s thuggish lies and attitudes being consigned to where they belong; the trash.


54 thoughts on “Hamilton’s False Accusations Removed from Facebook

  1. this dude is an absolute nightmare!! his opinions just get wayyy to much, its a shame that we cant find out who this really is, he said i should be shot! surely his true identity should be shown to the public, so we know who we are being slandered by! defamation of character an all that! blokes a twat, not worthy! superb news though!

    • Hi Kandy,

      I agree that pretty much all of what John says is too much. Very little of substance and almost entirely composed of abuse and insult, or wild accusations with no supporting evidence. As shown by his comment to you; that is just truly awful but sadly completely representative of John’s attitudes towards others. And finally organisations like Facebook are realising just how spiteful and untrue many of John’s statements actually are.

      I always thought John was who he says he is, although seeing as the rest of his comments are so disingenuous I would not be at all surprised to learn that it was an alias.


  2. Hello Kandy πŸ™‚

    Seems you’re as adept at posting bullshit as James is.

    I know you’re really just a daft but gobby waste of time, but I don;t believe I have ever suggested you be shot. That would be a waste of time and a bullet, and especially when you are really just a noisy minor annoyance dear πŸ˜‰

    PS name as always (except on one other blog) at the start of this post πŸ˜‰

    • so hammy why didn’t you use JH instead of way better?
      taken from your own blog
      “No matter how much time the deluded directors of companies that administer to housing association stock, who i would suggest could be described as a vested interest, allege when they have practised their hobby of worrying over irrelevant minutiae, which they inaccurately describe as forensic accountancy” and “From amateur “forensic accountants” making abhorrent attacks on people’s families (is that appropriate from the director of a company dealing with property rentals for housing associations that it could be argued could benefit from this development not going ahead.” why do you accuse me of being a director of a housing association without any proof? Are you completely off your rocker?
      BTW I’m glad your not on Task & Finish or maybe you should be you might learn something about investigating. 6 Councillors agree with me but then I doubt you believe me as there is only one voice you listen to.

      • Did you miss my name at the begining of my post James? Seems your investigative “skills” don;t even extend to reading a persons name, no wonder you post untrue bullshit about well known Kent companies.

        Where did I accuse you of being a director of a housing association hahaha oh James, you are SUCH a clueless fuckwit sometimes I wonder how you manage to run your own blog….. oh hang on, you don’t HAHAHAHAHA. Try to post something factual PLEASE there’s a good lad πŸ˜‰

        Seems the only thing you know about completing a factual investigation is how to spell investigation, because clearly actually carrying one out is as big a mystery to you as representing the people who voted for him is to Driver πŸ˜‰

  3. JH has constantly slandered me but in his world I see that as a term of endearment, he has run out of places to post his hateful and inaccurate bile and I for one am happy about that, btw hammy, knowing you will read this, whatever BS you post about me, I will not play with you as I see you for what you really are, a sad isolated man

    • Well put Andy and Barry. It says an awful lot about the content of John’s posts that Facebook has seen fit to remove some of them. It shows that any normal, reasonable person sees his comments for the hate-filled bile that they truly are.

      • If people actually took Hammy seriously and believed him then this would certainly be a case for going to the authorities for defamation of character. Luckily, I have real world friends who know me for who I am and it is a million miles away from the libelous lies JH has intimated

    • I couldn’t slander you Scott, that would involve my observations about you being inaccurate, which is patently not the case, hence why why hide from me like the bitch you’ve always been πŸ™‚

      I am still more than happy to point out what a clueless racist failed occutard you are Scott, you indeed provide a comic diversion for many of us, that would appear to be your ONLY point in life. That you don;t have to balls to try to defend your indefensible and laughable conspiracy theorist BS is and always will be a source of constant amusement to me and most of the rest of Thanet

      • PS what defamation is that Scott? You ARE a failed occutard, you ARE a racist who protests at East Europeans working in the UK. As I said it has to be untrue to be slander or libel my boy.

        And your right, I do see you as a bit of a pet, it would be far to cruel for me to really take you apart, as we know, you have no means of defending yourself, and thus attacking you full bore would be cruel πŸ˜‰

      • Prove it John. Where did Andy protest at “East Europeans working in the UK”? All I saw was a link from Andy on Tesco’s treatment of such workers, with no comments made by Andy at all.

        The fact that you tried to spin that into Andy being racist is truly laughable. And Facebook proved that by removing your false accusation.

      • Ah John, so why exactly did Facebook remove your lies then? A completely impartial organisation looked through your comments and decided they were so untrue and vile that they deserved removal.

        You can bleat and whine all you want, but you have no proof (otherwise you would have posted it rather than just putting up your lie all on its lonesome) and even Facebook agrees that your comment merited removal, due to complete inaccuracy.

  4. whoever john is, i must admit that i feel sorry for him. i dont know what his issues have been but clearly he needs to “win” and get the last word. I have said to him that – if you took the hate out of what he says – i may agree with him. However. The hate turns me off to his messages. John – i hope you are ok mate. You seem to have a lot of hate for the world if it challenges you – is that a “bullied at school” thing or a “mother/wife” thing? either way – I think we should just accept that he is not in a happy place and has some issues. So – please – dont be too harsh on him. But John. Know this. I have ninjas working on you. Every comment you make leads me closer. PLEASE. Just stop now and we wont reveal who you are. Because – sorry mate – BUT you are too harsh. I know you may live a repressed life but dont take it out on others please. That makes you seem weak. And pathetic. Albeit to those that are not weak and pathetic. If you are who others say you are though John (and we have spotted the changing IP addresses) then when we track you down, that could be serious. Career changing. So stop now and we will stop. Or do I need to mail you again? Feel pity for him – not hate πŸ˜€ But stop John. And dont re-invent yourself. Your rhetoric is signposted

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck off smithson, you weren’t impressive before, and with every post you simply prove what a worthless cock you really are πŸ˜‰

    Get the fairy tale “ninjas” doing something worthwhile maybe they would be better suited trying to find you some psychiatric help, or maybe showing James what a fact really is, or maybe Scott, I’m sure a lesson in camping would be of great use to him, seeing as he can;t do that properly either. πŸ˜‰

    Till then I quake at receiving a mail from you, It hurts laughing at you as hard as I do!

  6. Hammy can you not recognise your own postings from your blogsite. I wonder if your memory is failing. If these inaccurate postings are the extent of your investigation (read guesswork) then I think you need to go back to school. For the record I have never been a director of a housing association and have no interest in either funding any building works in Ramsgate nor do I own any rental property in Thanet.

  7. Now James my precious little dumbfuck, I know you are stunningly stupid, but syrely even you can keep up with such a simply thread as this..

    Now to try to post down to your level,

    1. Where have I said you are a director of a housing association
    2. Where have I said you fund building works
    3. Where have I said you own rental property

    You really do thrive where people don’t challenge your bullshit James, Handy I am around to expose you as the lying bullshitter you have proved many times over to be.

    I look forward to further bullshit from you by return, as usual πŸ™‚

    PS Any comments on the financial stability of any well known Kent building firms πŸ˜‰

    • 12th April 2013 hammy’s blog
      “Barry James, what a laughable fool he has become. He makes all sorts of accusations, without a shred of evidence of any kind. He whines on about wanting answers, gets given them, and it appears he is so stupid, he doesn;t even know he has the answer! Having a vested interest in Thanet property,” If I could be bothered searching there will be more no doubt. hammy you need to check before you post but then I suspect you really don’t have any interest in the truth.
      Now again what accusations? You don’t even know what was posted Re: Cardy otherwise you would be posting it.

      • Seems that a simple restatement of my last post will suffice James, as still you stick to your bullshit that you can’t evidence πŸ˜‰

        Now James my precious little dumbfuck, I know you are stunningly stupid, but syrely even you can keep up with such a simply thread as this..

        Now to try to post down to your level,

        1. Where have I said you are a director of a housing association
        2. Where have I said you fund building works
        3. Where have I said you own rental property

        Now, lets see if you have the balls to repeat the accusations you made on Michaels blog re a well known Kent building company, before you were forced to remove them as you were clearly once again posting inaccurate bullshit, and once again were caught red handed…

        But then we know your just a bitch who runs and hides when challenged πŸ˜‰

  8. But John – you are doing it again. Its always about proving you are right and others are wrong. And you consistently litter your prose with insults. As I have said to you – if you werent so insulting, you would make some valid points. However, you do damage to anything you talk about. Why – for example – have you not got more people following your “Yes to Tesco” campaign? Even when you hide behind a double layer of anonymity your rhetoric STILL puts people off. If you simply presented the facts, I suspect you would gain more of a following.

    So I set you a challenge John – one that I have requested to you personally before. Why dont you tell us who you really are? Why do you have to be “anonymous” (sic)? I do get that much of what you do is trying to get a rise from people – you seem to love the bitter side of arguing. Personally – I prefer to use a different tone. So are you scared to reveal who you actually are? Oddly – this is the same tactic that TDC use – hiding.

    By the way – the lads like your tech skills. Bravo! It shows a level of sophistication that someone without tech skills couldnt achieve. And it makes me want to call a company in Cambridge and throw a name out to see if it resonates with them. I do suspect that it would. Could be wrong, however. I certainly hope I am. Because – if you are who others think you are – I think I admired your work.

    Do know this though. There are about four known groups that have archived your work and track your comments. Imagine what the people you work with will think when they are presented with that? I do hope that it doesnt have any consequences.

    • Once again smithson, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, you are simply a worthless dumb cunt, but then we knew that, and you prove it post by post. No wonder you get on with James, he’s a clueless bullshitter who thinks he’s WAY better than the the clueless fuck wit he actually is, exactly the same as you my boy πŸ˜‰

  9. Oh PS smithson, don’t forget to tell the ninja wombles to help poor ole James find something factual to post, there’s a good boy πŸ˜‰

  10. I do notice that more and more anon’s are posting against hammy on Thanetonline now. I suspect like peter checksfield they are getting fed up with his “one trick pony” speeches chanting the same old drivel. btw hammy why don’t you contact Michael Stannard at Cardy with your drivel over alleged allegations i’m sure he would be interested.
    Just wondering hammy why your language on here is so puerile and not so on thanetonline. Could it be you might get banned on there and posting here you aren’t worried.

    • Why would I need to James, it wasn’t me that slandered/libeled Cardy’s, with untrue allegations that you were forced to remove, , that was was you my boy πŸ˜‰

      Are you denying that you madfe inaccurate claims against Cardy’s that you had to remove now James? Are you a liar AND a bullshitter?

      I did answer that question before James, I see you’re investigative “skill’s” don’t stretch to reading a simple post. But for the hard of thinking, I have a degree of respect for Michael, Barnes on the other hand is simply a worthless cunt πŸ™‚

      • certainly hammy no one made me remove any posts is that so difficult to understand. If you believe different I suggest you take it up with Cardy. I do wonder at your grasp of reality but lack of sleep will do that to you. I wonder why Peter Checksfield find he can no longer support you. You are so stupid sometimes I wonder if it is the alcohol or just the way you were born. Now again just why did Facebook remove your post?

      • John has a proven history of making slanderous/libellous accusations (which are then removed by the hosting organisation when it’s not on a medium he controls), so I’d suggest that John’s repeated accusations against you, Barry, are nothing more than John’s mind saying “I make all kinds of shit up and write it as fact, so everyone else must too”.

        The concept of actual, definitive proof is one which constantly eludes him.

      • Oh James, your posts are so often 100% bullshit, I think that anything you posted that was accurate would be lost in the vast pit of excrement that your posts represent.

        I have nothing to take up with Cardy’s, it wasn’t me you slandered/libeled, it was them, and they rightfully forced you to remove the bullshit and lies you had posted about them.

        If everyone took the same action against you, you would disappear utterly from the internet, and that would indeed be a very happy day.

  11. Seriously – the man is a talentless fucktard. He has fucked up on Yes to Tesco. Fucked up on facebook and I suspect that he hasn’t had a friendship since he fell out with his mother. Loud, arrogant and a cunt. Fuck you Hamilton you fucking sad, twisted, pathetic cunt of a “man”. And the irony is – you think you are a genius!!! Fucking prick. Amazing how he hides behind an anonymous name – spineless twat. Enjoy your sad, lonely life you sad sad man

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Now why would take a worthless fucktard who can;t spell cunt seriously πŸ˜‰

    Off you go boy, I’m sure your mama needs you to suck your papa’s cock again this evening while she whores for the kebab that will be your dinner πŸ˜‰

  13. hammy NO one made me delete any posts. Is that plain enough for you. Michael has a habit of deleting anything slanderous but he did not delete any posts of mine is that clear enough for you!!!

  14. How entertaining James. So Michael didn’t remove your blatant lies re Cardy’s, so you must have have deleted them, and as we know, you are more than happy to post blatant bullshit, leading us to the conclusion that you WERE forced to remove your lies re Cardy’s, hence I was correct in earlier posts, you are infact a liar and a bullshitter.

    I am happy that you enabled that to be proved once and for all, and that you are the fucking joke that most know you to be πŸ˜‰

    • I am beginning to think hammy has multiple personalities as he seems to be talking for more than one at a time “and as we know, you are more than happy to post blatant bullshit, leading us to the conclusion ” I wonder if he needs a psychiatrist

  15. No no, Barnes, more an ability to spot and expose a lying bullshitter (James) posting on a dumbcunt’s (you Barnes) blog πŸ˜‰

    Keep up bitch πŸ˜‰

    • hammy seeing as you just called Michael Child a scaremonger how does that equate to you having respect for him? The only difference between your posting on here and on Thanetonline is your fear of being removed from there. If you aren’t scared of being kicked off then post there in a like vein and prove me wrong. But of course you wont. btw I suspect Michael cannot stand you but uses your negativity to prove his points just like he allows Richard card to post.

      • Barry You need to be clear. Michael knows a witness to activity at the 6th Thanet Gun range. He has recently claimed that the witness is a customer not a friend and claimed that he has never spoken to the witness about his account or the circumstances in which he was dissuaded from making a police statement.

        William Epps was a pistol competition shooter but moved to Thanet 15 years ago which would be after the neighbouring landowner went over Kent Police heads to get the Thanet range licence withdrawn.

        In spite of comments on his blog, implying knowledge about the range, Simon Moores has clarified that the events at the range (witnessed by an associate of Michael Child) were before his time in Thanet. In spite of admitting he has no knowledge Simon suggested that firing from moving cars and firing whilst diving from moving cars may have been part of a practical pistol competition shoot !

        The issue is about mandatory reporting obligations of Terrorism Law. The onus (falsely promoted by Michael Child and Simon Moores) may appear to be about proving an “Accusation” in the face of their blather about “Conspiracy theory”

        The truth is the facts of what occurred at the range can be established by witness evidence, range records, photographs, surveyor reports and Ordnance Survey records.

        There can be no doubt that TDC was/is under a statutory duty to report their knowledge. Just as Michael would be if he admitted the truth on his blog that he has knowledge of the facts at the range.

        So to the matter of the law providing a statutory defence. IE Those involved at the range would have a defence if THEY can prove WHOLLY that the activity was for purposes other than terrorist related.

        What would not be helpful to their cause is Yetgoch (Google Yetgoch Al Quedda) where Uzis were used by middle easterners. Wasn’t the same name involved with users of that Thanet range before the neighbour defied TDC and Police and got its licence withdrawn? I can tell you that a 1996 letter mentioning the name was copied by me a couple of years ago to retired Det Ch Supt Biddiss who conducted the 1996 murder inquiry of 6th Thanet Range member retired MI5 officer Ken Speakman. Mr Biddis, who had much concealed from him during his inquiry, did choose to send a report of concern to the current day Kent Police Pro Standards Dept.

        When you invoked my name it seems to have been on an assumption that I am wrong. And, you cite my name as a sort of personification of being blog wrong.

        If we take the matter of “South Africa Scouts” making approaches to a live fire training company (not registered at Companies House at the time) ? easy for TDC to refuse to circulate press reports to cllrs ? But what about the South Africa Commission of Inquiry 1993 that enjoyed immunity so could have been circulated to cllrs at TDC ? (Mercenary support Thanet allegedly approaching a range and using Ramsgate Harbour)

        I am afraid I can and have made the case re the range. I have also made the case (not unrelated) for sabotage of backup generators and there was inquiry raised in Kent, independent of Kent Police, a few months ago, I have made the Deal RM Barracks security history case too.

        What needs to happen is that Police start arresting people for failing to report knowledge. I know it won’t happen but my Lord imagine the Thanet squeals and protests. All those little men who think if you do nothing you ipso facto haven’t done anything wrong.

    • The only thing John has proven is that he makes false accusations which are then removed by the hosting organisation. Hardly a credible position to judge others from (not that that will stop John from trying. And failing abysmally).

  16. Oh dear James, Once again your investigative “skills” are found to be utterly nonexistant. I pointed out, to Michael that he is a scaremonger only yesterday, and not for the first. Now, my poor boy, try to understand, I can believe someone is a scaremonger, and still have respect for them as I simply disaggree with him in one sphere of his views.

    You on the other hand are a proven lying bullshitter, hence you are a waste of everyone’s time. Your opinion of what Michael may or may not think of myself is laughably irrelevant, and likely as inaccurate as the rest of your BS, even if it was accurate, I wonder why anyone would think i care what anyone thinks of me….

    • ” I wonder why anyone would think i care what anyone thinks of me….”

      Perhaps it’s the fact that John bleats and whines whenever he’s been proven to be wrong, then goes on the attack and just insults people rather than coming up with a valid response. Writing false accusations which are then removed by the content hosts reveal the absolute pinnacle of John’s capabilities.

      • I’ve yet to be proven wrong my special little fucktard πŸ˜‰

        FACT, Andy Scott is a racist,
        FACT, James posts unspportable allegations he is forced to remove about a well established Kent Business
        FACT, Geoff Barnes is a clueless clown.

      • John doesn’t quite seem to have got the hang of this, does he? Just by prefixing a false statement with “FACT” (don’t forget the all-caps!) it isn’t magically turned into a true statement. The words actually need to be factual before the “FACT” label actually means something. Here’s an example of how it’s done:

        FACT, John Hamilton posted false accusations on Facebook that Andy Scott was a racist

        FACT, John Hamilton’s false accusations were removed from Facebook, by Facebook, for violation of their terms and conditions

        FACT, John Hamilton repeated the same false accusations on his blog, in an attempt to circumvent Facebook’s actions

        Let’s see if John can get it right the second time around.

  17. Hmm, how interesting. I wonder if “this chap” could possible be poor ole James, and whether his bullshit about Cardy’s could be what the author forced him to remove..

    Maybe Driver does have a use, publishing mails which prove what a lying cock sucker James actually is, it does seem to describe James and his following perfectly….

    ” I spoke with this chap about Two months ago, and at that time it was to put him straight regarding a story he was going to write then about Cardy Construction Ltd being struck off at Companies House….my call to him prevented a negative and damaging story. I doubt he has much of a following, and most of them would be odd”

    • I wonder if hammy could be any more stupid don’t you read Michael’s blog at all. Michael even posted that he had been in contact with Stannard. He said that he has been in regular contact ever since cardy came on site. Get a life or go to specsavers duh!!

    • From John’s own blog:

      “the mail is so poor that anyone believing it to contain anything genuine would have to be a mentally impaired fuckwit!”

      So when John says:

      “Maybe Driver does have a use, publishing mails which prove what a lying cock sucker James actually is”

      He’s letting us all know that John’s “a mentally impaired fuckwit”.

      Finally, John posts something factual which everyone can agree on.

      • I really have great difficulty in understanding hammy’s logic 1st off he says the email is a fake surely then anything it contains must therefore by definition be fake as well. You couldn’t make it up and he calls people halfwits maybe one day the lift will get to the top floor but then maybe not.

  18. Hmm, seems James doth protest to much πŸ˜‰

    So, lets see, because Michael hassles this poor gut, does that mean that when you slandered/libeled the company, that this guy would be prevented from contacting you and forcing you to remove your bullshit about his company….

    What a laughable attempt to defend yourself James, seems whoever the author of the mail was, they knew you and Barnes VERY well πŸ˜‰

    “I doubt he has much of a following, and most of them would be odd”

    • Only one person has made slanderous/libellous comments in this area and that was John Hamilton. Amazingly, even Facebook took an interest and removed his false accusations for violations of their terms and conditions. As mentioned before, John seems so caught up in fabricating allegations and misrepresenting them as fact that he can’t conceive that others don’t do the same.

      Sad, really.

      • It seems the email did in fact emanate from Cardy “”Further to your email and following an investigation by our IT manager, I can confirm that the email was edited and issued by an unauthorised person within our organisation” The only issue seems to be what part was in the original and what part altered. Michael has made it clear he has had dialogue with Stannard for some time but never with me so it is patently obvious he is referring to Michael when he states “his chap runs a local blog in Thanet, and I suspect without any doubt his interest in Cardy is fuelled solely by agitators and spoilers who are against the Royal Sands site.

        I spoke with this chap about Two months ago, and at that time it was to put him straight regarding a story he was going to write then about Cardy Construction Ltd being struck off at Companies House….my call to him prevented a negative and damaging story. I doubt he has much of a following, and most of them would be odd”
        Still it would be simple for hammy to ask Michael if it is him Stannard refers but why let the truth spoil a good story heh!!!

  19. Now lets see James, where the mail originates is clearly irrelevant, the author is clearly what’s relevant, So, because Michael has spoken to Cardy’s in the past, that in your troubled mind therefore means that that precludes you having been spoken to by them, when you were forced to remove the slander/libel that you had posted about Cardy’s good standing…..

    Hang on a minute….

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh you dumb cunt! If it was ANYONE else I would think they were joking, but having exposed your laughable bullshit for so long, I KNOW you really do believe what you just posted proves something HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dam boy, no wonder you are SUCH a joke to so many people!

    I wonder why James is SO stupid that he thinks Michael would be aware of every communication that managers at Cardy’s have with every worthless Thanet Nimby such as you James? No wonder your investigative “skills” are so lamentable, and you suffer so much ridicule.

    • John still disagreeing with what he wrote on his own blog, I see. First it was that “anyone believing it to contain anything genuine would have to be a mentally impaired fuckwit” and now it’s “the author is clearly what’s relevant”.

      I’m starting to gain the opinion that John isn’t even sure what he’s typing half the time…

      • copy paste

        FB Support Dashboard.

        You’ll find the status of your reports and inquiries listed below.

        We’ll let you know if we need any information from you or when we’ve made a decision

        You reported YES to Tesco’s at Arlington, Margate, a welcome investment’s post for containing hate speech or symbols.

        Status This post wasn’t removed
        Details Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the post you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our community standard on hate speech.

        Report Date 21 June
        YES to Tesco’s at Arlington, Margate, a welcome investment.
        Reason Hate speech or symbol

        So this is auto remove eh hammy

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