John ‘Hypocrite’ Hamilton

Link to John Hamilton’s Hate-Fuelled Hypocrisy

So, self-proclaimed noise maker for the ‘majority’ of Thanet, John Hamilton claims he has a blog allowing free comment. As with so much of his hate-filled, delusional rantings, this is a work of pure fiction. Having commented on his blog, I can confirm that there is most definitely a moderation process in effect – any comments take ages to appear on his blog rather than appearing immediately and my last three attempts to comment have not appeared at all

Seems John is being economical with the truth yet again. If only the same could be said of his bile, which seems to spring forth from an inexhaustible supply. Now, I realise that my two comments to date (the first post was posted three times due to John’s moderation process, which he laughably said was an attempt at me spamming his site…) have not exactly been clean language (or decent spelling, for that matter) but the reason for this was I wanted to see if John would pull me up on it.

And lo and behold he did! “Post again using such childish language, and your post will be redacted.” As can be seen, he says in that comment, on the post which proclaims his belief that he has the only open blog in Thanet, that he will censor any more posts using such language. This from the man who uses terms such as “cock”, “fucktard”, “village idiot”, “dumb bitch” and “senile” to refer to anyone who doesn’t believe his own particular brand of lunacy.

The hypocrisy is absolutely astounding. But then again, this is the man who demands proof from anyone offering a contrary opinion but refuses to provide any himself. He *says* a lot of things, but he never actually provides any proof. And John, repetition does not equal evidence!

For example, he keeps asking for proof on various things, such as how many people are against the proposed Tesco superstore at Arlington, Margate compared to those who support it. As many people have pointed out to him, both on his blog and his Yes to Tesco facebook page supporting the plans, the Yes to Tesco group has less than a quarter of the Likes as the No page and the poll he himself setup asking whether people were in favour or against the proposal was so overwhelmingly against the proposal that he deleted it and ignores any and all references to it. So there’s a fair bit of evidence right there, just from the page that John himself administrates (NB. he consistently claims he is only an admin and a “friend” set it up – but seeing as he’s so dishonest about everything else he writes, I wouldn’t lend too much credence to that).

So for a man who proclaims freedom of speech and demands evidence, John seems quite keen on censorship, fostering ignorance and pointedly refusing to acknowledge when any definitive proof has been offered to him, despite him not actually reciprocating in kind.

Sadly, John Hamilton seems like the kind of delusional fantasist who literally is unable to even accept that other people can have alternative viewpoints to himself – surrounded as he is by a few die-hard sycophants, who Like every outrageous slander he writes on facebook or agree with every insult via his blog, he seems to have become cocooned within a little bubble of hate.



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