John Hamilton, Not Being Honest Again


Take, for example, this photo John has thoughtfully provided via his Yes to Tesco facebook page, showing an empty top level of the Arlington car park, dated as 23rd August 2009 by Google. You will perhaps note that that date was a Sunday – now take a look at the shadows cast by all the buildings and you will see that the time of day is certainly not after 11 in the morning. I forget, what time do most shops open on a Sunday? Ah yes – 11am. That would seem to be borne out by all the other car parks in the area also being effectively empty, such as the train station and hotel car parks as seen to the left of John’s picture. The major benefit, however, of the Arlington car park is that it is not single level. Who in their right mind would park on the top level, leaving their car in the sun on a gloriously sunny day to get nice and warm, only to then have to walk down past the welcome shade provided below?

Answer: no-one. But John would have you believe that no-one would pass up the opportunity to have their car slowly baked in summer sunshine, followed by a longer than necessary walk – because obviously no-one in their right mind would want to park in the shade.


Perhaps John has x-ray sight which allows him to see through the past, on his computer, through a layer of concrete? Or maybe he has a ridiculous bias and will lie and distort things to suit his particular brand of thinking? Yes, on balance I think it’s the latter. How else can you explain the other near-empty car parks as displayed on Google, taken on the same day – remember, a Sunday morning before almost any shops will have been open.


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