Thanet District Council “dysfunctional” and ‘corrupt’

An independent standards committee has just published a damning report on Thanet District Council, stating that councillors have repeatedly made personal threats and attacks against colleagues and members of the public, as reported here.

The report also highlights an apparent disconnect between the actions of TDC councillors and the best interests of the people they are supposed to serve, as well as pointing to the atmosphere of secrecy councillors try to foster, such as the oft-reported ban on filming by TDC which goes against government recommendations about transparency at council meetings.

Typically and unsurprisingly, “John Hamilton” is trying to sweep all this under the carpet and obfuscate matters with yet another stream of vitriolic and unwarranted attacks. No doubt in his mind, no member of the electorate should ever be allowed to hold their representatives to account and if insulted by their councillors the ‘peons’ (as he would call them) should be honoured their Lords and Masters have even deigned to recognise their existence.

It’s likely that all local residents (that excludes “John” then…) are watching to see what happens when the dust settles. Hopefully any evidence of wrongdoing will be brought out into the open for a healthy, democratic debate and examination of the facts.


Where Do You Live Again?

Is that legal?

Oh dear. Seems the person behind “John Hamilton” is either one of two things:

A. A gun-obsessed nutjob, who plans to buy weapons and try to import them back into the UK, God knows for what kind of purpose (considering the lies, fabrications and thuggish and reprehensible attitudes of this person, I doubt it will be for an innocent reason)


B. Someone who doesn’t actually live in the UK, used the wrong sockpuppet account when making a comment and spends all their time trolling blogs and Facebook pages for places that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

Put your best guess (or alternative scenarios) in the Comments section please!

“It’s [A Troll] Life, Jim, But Not As We Know It”

John Hamilton protests that he only ever uses his own name when posting. Yet he has confessed repeatedly that he uses other accounts, either those setup directly by him or those of “friends”.

Which begs the question: Can a thuggish and moronic troll such as John ever actually have friends?

Highly doubtful. But as proven, John has many mental deficiencies and psychological issues, so perhaps paranoid schizophrenia is among them and these “friends” are nothing more than other facets of John’s disturbed mind. Further to this, John continues to use multiple Facebook profiles, in direct contravention of Facebook terms and conditions. But as his false and slanderous accusations being removed by Facebook proves, John has absolutely no problem with lying to try and get his ridiculous and illogical views across.

Regardless, John has been proven to be a complete liar yet again, contradicting himself at every turn and hoping that his band of sycophantic followers don’t notice him digging his own hole.

Hamilton – Immigrant Quisling?

John Hamilton himself has confessed that he migrated from London to Ramsgate.

So why does he hate those who have done the same so much? Maybe there’s a distance limit? Maybe John has designated a Boundary of Acceptance, outside of which he has unilaterally decided that you are not permitted to move to Thanet and be considered a ‘true resident’ (by him)?

So how far away from Thanet does John think is an acceptable distance to relocate? He obviously considers moving from London to be ok, so around 70 miles seems to be acceptable. Which is curious, because the one person he constantly tells to “go back home” is someone who also moved to Thanet from London.

Maybe it’s because of the previous destination this person moved from? Which brings us back round again to how far away has John decided is the maximum relocation distance? There obviously is one, based on John’s slanderous insults directed at others.

All in all, John’s behaviour is curious, in addition to the usual standards of illogicality and ridiculousness he displays so repeatedly.

Help for Hamilton?

One of the biggest questions surrounding John Hamilton is “what spurs his hate-filled bile to spring forth so unceasingly?” He’s completely bereft of reason, makes ludicrous and illogical claims with absolutely zero supporting evidence and ignores any irrefutable evidence sent his way, then he resorts to writing vile insults to anyone who helpfully points out all the mistakes he’s made.

Even the most cursory look over John Hamilton’s comments and postings will reveal the words of a man in serious need of some form of psychotherapy.

Uncontrollable rage issues, paranoia, delusions of grandeur, pathological lying: all are traits which John is exhibiting on an almost daily basis.

Perhaps it’s time for John to seek professional help. He certainly needs it.

Consistency: Certainly not one of Hamilton’s strong points

Now I realise this probably won’t be a surprise to most, but John Hamilton’s deficiencies now include consistency. Much has been made on the Thanet blogs of an email from Mike Stannard of Cardy’s to Thanet District Council. John rubbished Ian Driver’s blog post about it on his own blog, with John being highly disparaging of anyone lending the email any credence:


Interesting, then, that in the comments section of my very own blog John seems to have discarded the notion that the email isn’t genuine and actually seems to have embraced it as being accurate:


On his own blog, John has determined how anyone believing any part of that email to be genuine should be considered. Seeing as John has publicly stated that he believes at least part of the email to be genuine, it’s obvious how John wishes himself to be referred to.

Hamilton’s False Accusations Removed from Facebook


Oh dear. Seems as though John is still persisting in his claims that Facebook deletes reported content automatically, despite there being no proof to back up these ludicrous claims and in spite of the fact that proof has been shown that directly contradicts John’s assertion. So here’s some more:

Facebook has four teams who deal with different kinds of reports, working around the clock and in 24 different languages. Nowhere in this article from Facebook does it even so much as hint that any posts are subject to “auto-removal”, as John says is what happens.

So John has it utterly wrong (once again) when he says:

“FB will automatically remove the majority of comments complained about, and sometimes even suspend accounts”

Relevant screenshot of his comment below:


It’s getting easier and easier to disprove John Hamilton’s lies…


It seems as though John uses a different Facebook to the rest of the planet. According to John:

“Facebook sadly auto-remove remarks which are inaccurately complained about, even the most worthless dullard knows that, clearly Barnes is not as bright as that.”

Oh dear. John really has no concept of how a company like Facebook operates. If they permitted the unmediated “auto-removal” of posts which had been complained about, then half of Facebook would disappear overnight as tit-for-tat wars escalated out of control.

I’ve provided a screenshot of Facebook’s own support page regarding reported posts, highlighting the pertinent section in red:


No mention of “auto-removal” there. And note how it says that a report is not a guarantee of removal. Weird, because if there’s an “auto-removal” process in place, why wouldn’t everything which is reported be removed?

Ah yes, that’s right. John’s making it all up.

John Hamilton has had some of his false accusations removed from Facebook, the most prominent of which was his post accusing Andy Scott of being racist and xenophobic.

Here’s the offending post which used to be on Facebook:


Facebook has confirmed it has removed the post for violating its terms and conditions. No surprises there then, seeing as it was a completely baseless, false accusation (like almost all of John’s posts, come to think of it).

So how did John respond to the eminently reasonable removal of his bile? By reposting it on his own blog of course:


Bless, John. The ball got taken away because you were naughty and couldn’t behave, so you ran home and started playing with your own, by yourself.

This is far from the only post of John’s which has been removed from Facebook for violating its terms and conditions, which really says something as everyone knows how lackadaisical Facebook are at policing and removing posts. John must have really rung their alarm bells with all of his hate and lies.

Even Facebook agrees that John’s comments are unacceptable. No doubt this will only be the start of John’s thuggish lies and attitudes being consigned to where they belong; the trash.